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At Ehpic Compliance we aim to provide the highest level of advice to ensure the stakeholders in the food industry are able to make decisions that lead to the safest high quality food being available to the public.

Our exceptional food safety consultants have past experience as food safety planners (including HACCP); managers of food safety for events and venue managers; as well regulating food safety legislation within local government. This gives Ehpic Compliance a distinct advantage when dealing with food safety by allowing us to provide cost effective solutions that are guaranteed to satisfy regulations.

We offer exceptional consultants, who provide innovative results.

Contact our food safety consultants today to discuss your food safety requirements.

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The food manufacturing, wholesale, retail and service sector in Australia employees approximately 1.6 million people (14 per cent of the workforce). Industry gross value added by the food and beverage-manufacturing sector was $24.4 billion in 2012-13, whilst the value of food and liquor retailing in Australia added $141.4 billion to the industry gross value for the same period.

Australian’s spend approximately 19 per cent of their total household expenditure on these food products (or approximately $255 per week on average). Australia has built a solid reputation for producing quality foods.

However, it is not all positive news. In Australia, approximately 5.4 million cases of foodborne illness occur annually, costing an estimated $1.2 billion per year. Further, the 5.4 million cases were responsible for 157 hospitalisations and 15 deaths in 2010 alone.

At Ehpic Compliance our unique expertise in food safety compliance management not only assist the regulators of food safety legislation, including state and local governments, but also the private food and hospitality sector in ensuring that risks associated with food are appropriately managed and the burden of foodborne illness further minimised.

Within the food industry, food safety compliance is integral in ensuring that the business is successful and that reputation is maximized. This can only be achieved by ensuring that the food provided to your customer is of the highest standard.

Achieving the current food safety regulatory requirements in Australia is challenging and many businesses get it wrong.

We understand the risk our clients face and the risks to their community. Inevitably, we are big on compliance.

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